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About Jen

Like so many of us, the 20s prompted me to adapt to a new way of life. So I learnt a new skill and created my own personal website! 

I have always been a tech savvy, intuitive problem solver and motivator. In February 2020, after years spent managing academic admissions, I planned to take time out for a career change and to become more technically focused. Many in the world then joined me in March 2020 when offices moved to Zoom, and work moved to Google Docs and Mural.

To escape being typecast as an Admissions Registrar, I grabbed the opportunity in lockdown 1.0 to remotely project manage data delivery for an IT market intelligence company. This certainly helped me become more technically capable and prove my agility in successfully adapting to change.

I have been moved by the amount of positive (and much needed) transformation that is happening in the realms of sustainability and social impact. I would love to contribute my distinctive hard and soft skills to add genuine value in a new environment, changing the world for the better

My latest projects

My Latest Projects



While I have managed numerous projects, many involved a lot of unnecessary documentation and data silos. This meant it was difficult for these organisations to adapt quickly to change. I am grateful for the opportunities I have had to learn how to overcome these challenges. My innate ability to visualise data, problem solve, communicate, and implement solutions has resulted in positive improvements at each previous workplace.


I am building up my knowledge and experience of applying frameworks such as Scrum, Kanban, Lean (or Scrumban with a dash of Lean) to projects as appropriate.

I am continually striving to improve by learning, doing, embracing lessons learnt from failure, inspecting, adapting, and delivering value. Repeat. 



The opportunities to learn online, anywhere in the world has exploded.  

Here are a few areas I am currently interested in:

Ed tech


Circular economy 

Tech for sustainability

Impact measurement 

The evolution of the internet and blockchain technology

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